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The New York Design is always looking for the best and brightest. Quality and proficiency required; excellence expected; delivery and due diligence a must. If you can place a check next to all of the above, then feel free to apply to work with us – the best and brightest in the industry. We’re always looking for hot designers and sharp minds.

What we look for are: creative souls that understand the importance of business savvy. We look for techies with a keen eye. Marketing artists; artistic business men/women. We look for attention to detail; skill; education; intelligence; passion. Extensive experience is required. We look for people that can multi-task; keep a smile; know how to treat a client and understand that “the client is always right.”

If you think you’re up for the job, we’re happy to review any and all applications. Contact us at Contact@thenewyorkdesign.com with proposals and queries. Take a look at our services and the products we offer; the languages we speak. You must be able to keep up with all of these to apply.

Looking forward to meeting you and adding you to the team of best and brightest. Until then…


Why do many of online merchants trust their vital ecomerce operations to The New York Design?
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Business Cards
We bring you the flexibility to create great full-color business cards. Design your own or customize one of our templates and put your best foot forward.
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Real estate photographs and brochures. We put your real estate images on the web for international viewing, photography, realtors.
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