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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the ability to transform data into information

Business Intelligence is the ability to transform data into information, and information into knowledge, so that you can optimize the decision-making process in business.

Business intelligence acts as a strategic factor for a company or organization, generating a potential competitive advantage, which is none other than providing privileged information to respond to business problems: entry to new markets, promotions or offers of products, elimination of Islands of information, financial control, optimization of costs, production planning, analysis of customer profiles, profitability of a concrete product, etc ...

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The potential benefits of business intelligence programs include accelerating and improving decision making; optimizing internal business processes; increasing operational efficiency; driving new revenues; and gaining competitive advantages over business rivals. BI systems can also help companies identify market trends and spot business problems that need to be addressed.

BI data can include historical information, as well as new data gathered from source systems as it is generated, enabling BI analysis to support both strategic and tactical decision-making processes. Initially, BI tools were primarily used by data analysts and other IT professionals who ran analyses and produced reports with query results for business users. Increasingly, however, business executives and workers are using BI software themselves, thanks partly to the development of self-service BI and data discovery tools.